I am a poet for hire. I’ve been writing poems for people for years now, and I love it. Read more here.

Here’s the Scoop:

I will write a poem for you on a subject of your choosing. It could be for a birthday, a bar mitzvah, a wedding, a weekend getaway, a made-up holiday, a Boxing Day party, a renewal of vows, anything. You’ll provide the content and I’ll turn it into a poem. Rhymes if you want them, no extra charge.

Some poems I’ve written:

  • A poem as an application for a members-only diner in PA.
  • A poem for a man’s wife whom he met in high school.
  • A poem to honor the end of a relationship.
  • A poem for a friend moving away.
  • A poem for a mother wishing to embroider a pillow for her daughter’s beloved teacher.
  • A poem for a father on his daughter’s wedding day.

& the list goes on!

I will work with you until your poem is to your liking. Only then will I invoice you (via PayPal). (Click here for a piece I wrote about my life writing poems for strangers.)

Poems I will not write for you:

1. I will not write you a poem that has been assigned in a class (or assigned to your child by a teacher). I cannot do your homework for you, because that’s simply not kosher.

2. Mean poems. Revenge, remorse, smear campaign: not my bag.

Street Cred

Since I began working as a Poet for Hire in early 2013, I’ve written poems for clients all over the world. Customer satisfaction is near 100%. And that’s because you supply the details for the poem, which means the poem will sound like it was created by you. I’m simply the one who writes the poem, using the beautiful specifics of your life.

I have an MFA in poetry from San Diego State and I’ve been writing birthday poems for family members since I was in my teens. My poems are published in online and print journals and I’ve been poem-blogging here for over four years. I am almost always writing poems, and love nothing more than to share them. I think people should get to be around more poems, which is why I am offering to write you one.

We can talk price and other details when you email me.

Trust me: this is going to be fun. It’s also not going to be very expensive (I offer a sliding scale).

Last minute requests are expected and will likely be accommodated (within reason).

Other Services:


I also do parties, gladly. I love parties. I’ll bring my portable Remington typewriter & entertain your guests with poems made just for them, on the spot. Contact me for pricing–I’m willing to travel to you, within reason (I live in central Vermont).


I am a licensed minister of the Universal Life Church with an MFA in Creative Writing and a love of love. I have officiated weddings as well as offered my services to a variety of brides- and grooms-to be in need of linguistic assistance. I offer a variety of “ghostwriting” services for wedding such as wedding vows, speeches, and ceremonies. Contact me at taylormkatz AT gmail DOT com for more information.


6 thoughts on “POET FOR HIRE

  1. What city are you located? We are in Denver and looking for a typewriter poet for our wedding reception

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