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Update, January 2022:

To those of you in need of a poem,

I am sorry to say that I have taken a break from writing poems for hire. Even though this feels like a time when poems are needed more than ever, I can no longer personally take this role on. I just don’t have the capacity.

This work is uniquely intimate and fleeting, and I have always loved that about it. I love the way that people fill pages with bullet points or sentences about all the things they love about someone, all the ways this person is unique, worth celebrating. And then once the poem and payment are complete, we never speak again (until they need another poem!).

And now I’d like to offer a free service in replacement of the one I have been offering:

You can do this. You can express yourself to the people you love. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t even have to flow. Because here’s what I’ve learned:

The messy list or stream-of-consciousness “details” that people provide to me for the poem is just as sweet of a gift as the “finished” poem.

What I do—turn clunkily-written sentiments into smoothed out stanzas—helps make the thing feel polished, but the truth of the matter is, YOU are the one with the love. And the love does not have to be shiny to be beautiful. If the love is clunky, so be it. Not everyone is a writer, and that holds so many people back from trying to write.

But the people you love don’t need you to be a writer. All they need is to hear from you.

So open a document on your computer, or take out a notebook, and start writing down what you love and want to celebrate about that person you were going to contact me about. Whatever you come up with, I can basically guarantee this—it will make them feel seen, and feel known. It will make them feel loved.

With love,

I am a poet for hire. I’ve been custom writing poems for people for years now, and I love it. Read more here.

This is a current offering that is still available! Contact me with your poem needs by emailing me at taylormkatz@gmail.com.

Here’s the scoop:

I will write a poem for you on a subject of your choosing. It could be for a birthday, a bar mitzvah, a wedding, an anniversary party, a made-up holiday, a Boxing Day party, a renewal of vows, anything. You’ll provide the content and I’ll turn it into a poem. Rhymes if you want them, no extra charge.

Since I began working as a Poet for Hire in early 2013, I’ve written poems for clients all over the world. Customer satisfaction is near 100%. And that’s because you supply the details for the poem, which means the poem will sound like it was created by you. I’m simply the one who writes the poem, using the beautiful specifics of your life.

I have also written poems and poetic content for fashion and fragrance companies, a cruise line, restaurants, and non-profits.

Some poems I’ve written:

  • A poem as an application for a members-only diner in PA.
  • A poem for a man’s wife whom he met in high school.
  • A poem to honor the end of a relationship.
  • A poem for a friend moving away.
  • A poem for a mother wishing to embroider a pillow for her daughter’s beloved teacher.
  • A poem for a father on his daughter’s wedding day.
  • A poem for a screenplay.
  • A poem for a long-held crush.

& the list goes on!

I will work with you until your poem is to your liking. Only then will I invoice you (via PayPal). (Click here for a piece I wrote about my life writing poems for strangers.)

Poems I will not write for you:

1. I will not write you a poem that has been assigned to you in a class (or assigned to your child by a teacher). I cannot do your homework for you, because that’s simply not kosher.

2. Mean poems. Revenge, remorse, smear campaign: not my bag.

Street Cred

I have an MFA in poetry from San Diego State and I’ve been writing poems for family members since I was in my teens (usually rhyming birthday poems that I read in front of everyone over dinner!). My poems are published in online and print journals and I’ve been poem-blogging here for over four years.

I am almost always writing poems, and love nothing more than to share them. I think people should get to be around more poems, which is why I am offering to write you one.

We can talk price and other details when you email me.

Trust me: this is going to be fun. It’s also going to be affordable (I offer a sliding scale).

Last minute requests are expected and will likely be accommodated (within reason).

A few delightful reviews: 

“Taylor wrote a family update poem to send out with our Christmas cards! She was able to take the information I provided and create an adorable rhyming piece! I highly recommend her writing service. You won’t be disappointed! We are so pleased!” — Anita

“OMG I so love this.” — Alison

“OH My God! I love it!!! This is beyond what I imagined. Thank you so much!” — Michael

“OMG!!!! I love it, it made me cry :)” — Deanna

“Ok I am bawling like a baby!! Tears of joy!!! I can’t believe how talented you are and how you took my words and made them so beautiful!!!!!! I love it!!” — Allison

Other Services:


I also do parties, gladly. I love parties. I’ll bring my portable Remington typewriter & entertain your guests with poems made just for them, on the spot. Contact me for pricing–I’m willing to travel to you, within reason (I live in central Vermont).


I offer many wedding services!

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  1. What city are you located? We are in Denver and looking for a typewriter poet for our wedding reception

    1. Hi Janet, I’m sorry I didn’t see this comment until right now (3/21/17). Please email me directly in the future if you’d like a commissioned poem. Cheers!

  2. I would love for you to write a poem for a colleague. 90 yr old real estate agent for Sothebys. It is her bday early November. Let me know what you need.

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