Poet on Retainer

Beginning in 2020, I will be available to work on a retainer basis. 

You may be asking: Why would someone need a poet on retainer?

Maybe you’re running for office, and you need some witty tweets or campaign copy.

Perhaps you’re starting a small business, and you have a sandwich board sign out front, and you’d like to have a rotation of unique quips to lure customers inside.

Maybe you’re a celebrity who needs someone with a **poetic vibe** in your posse.

No matter your reason, I will be happy to discuss with you what types of poems–or poetic somethings–you need, and how I can work with you to provide them.

Retainer amounts begin at $100/month, with a 3-month minimum contract. Contact me at taylormkatz@gmail.com with “Retainer!” in the subject line to get the conversation started.

Please note: As far as I can tell, I am the only person in the English-speaking world who is currently offering this service.