Minor Event; Major Validation

Last Wednesday I received a letter addressed to me in my own handwriting. This never fails to utterly disturb and confuse me for three seconds, until I remember that it must be from a journal that required a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) in order to deliver me a rejection letter. But–MIRACLE OF MIRACLES–this one was not a rejection. The Connecticut River Review wants to publish my poem “It Hurts Your Eyes (To Look)” and this bit of unfathomable good luck will be appropriately celebrated as soon as I finish my literary theory paper and Spring Break 2010 officially begins.

(I’d post the poem here, but then I might get in trouble because maybe it’d count as being previously published, and that’s not allowed, and oh the rules of the internet are very confusing when it comes to issues such as these. So I guess if you really want to see the poem, you’ll just have to email me [taylormkatz@gmail.com] and go, Taylor Frickin’ Katz. Congratulations and gimme gimme. And I’ll happily give it give it.)

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