True Stories (Mine).

I attended a wedding this weekend. A beautiful wedding to be exact, complete with dancing, overmuch delicious food, mother nature’s offerings (it was in Lake Tahoe) and a lot of serious, goodtime chatting. Below are some of the responses to my issuing a statement along the lines of “I’m getting my MFA in poetry.”

* * *

Look at this setting—the type of scene you write a poem about, eh?

The last time I read a poem was in Sixth Grade. It was my own poem. I wrote it for Emily Eisenberg, and it was called “Beautiful This.” It was about all the things that are beautiful in the world and how she is one of them, and how she should notice all the other beautiful things around her. I wrote it for her so that she’d want to be my girlfriend. She didn’t want to be my girlfriend. I haven’t read or written a poem since.

So after you finish your MFA, what do you want to be?

{{45 second baffled silence accompanied by a sightless stare}}

Poetry! That’s lovely. I have a good friend that’s a poet. He’s actually not a poet; he works for the IRS. He writes poems for…for therapy, I guess.

Let me introduce you to Taylor, and since her mother’s not here, I will have to tell you myself that she was the Poet Laureate of Connecticut. And her father is an amazing athlete, a real runner and he used to be a great tennis player, too. Does he still play, Taylor?

I’m a poet, too. Did you hear my rap at the party?

I took two Creative Writing classes in college. We read each other’s poems out loud and then we talked about them and I’ve never done anything like that again.

I have a friend who got her MFA in Creative Writing! She’s in Zimbabwe now…or is it Ecuador? {Pause.} Anyway, she’s really nice.

One thought on “True Stories (Mine).

  1. “I’m getting my Masters in teaching literature in middle and high schools.”

    * “Ugh, I HATE those ages! Such brats.”
    * “But you look like you’re a high schooler. How will they take you seriously?”
    * “So you really like school, eh?”
    * “I hear high schools in the city are all a mess right now. Kids throwing chairs, you know.”
    * “That makes sense. You’ve always liked to read!”


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