Atonement Poem (mine).

Yom Kippur

We sin against you when we sin against ourselves.
For the sins committed against you:

For believing in superficialities.
For moving so far away.
For garrulousness.
For forgetting to tip.
For committing to what I knew I might cancel.
For not leaving enough time for the love at home.
For not calling when he died.
For not calling.
For hating to vacuum (for not vacuuming).
For not correcting assumptions.
For misremembering summer birthdays.
For unrealistic expectations made up in dreams.
For hoping what I give out will be returned to me.
For relying on someone else to do it because they always do.
For losing track of the line between humor and cruelty.
For grabbing onto the less-than-perfect parts and tugging.
For interrupting.
For gossiping out of boredom, or worse, out of need.
For stealing food and books.
For painting the picture all rosy.
For too much truth-telling at once.
For liking you less with a new haircut.
For piling myself all over the house.
For needing more than one.
For scoffing.
For enjoying adoration.
For not wanting to share.
For being aware of amounts.
For misinterpreting, and liking my version better.
For believing even the smallest of my sentiments deserves to be heard.
For being more honest with strangers than with those closest to me.
For not expressing my gratitude to those who deserve it most.

For all of these sins: forgive me, pardon me, grant me forgiveness.

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