Word (it’s all about the Z).

Here are some rarely used z-words that I invite you to integrate into conversation.

zoanthropy: delusion that one is an animal (so common these days)
zoetic: living; vital (how poetic)
zazzy: flashy; stylish (I thought I’d made up this word circa 8th grade)
zoilism: carping and unjust criticism
zomotherapy: medical treatment using raw meat (I am NOT interested)
zabaglione: frothy custard (what an intriguing format for custard, this froth)
zaftig: having a full; rounded figure (this feels Yiddish)
zanyism: buffoonery
zapata: flowing, drooping moustache (It flows…but also droops! Fail.)
zappy: lively; entertaining
zarf: ornamental holder for hot coffee cup (sounds more like a coffee snafu)
zatch: female genitalia (!!!!!!!!!)
zemni: blind mole-rat (I’m hoping, for the sake of the species, that this is uncommon)
zho: cross between a yak and a cow (zho no)
zonelet: a little zone (okay I DEFINITELY made up this word)
zoodikers: an exclamation (Zoodikers!)
zoon: organism regarded as a complete animal (…so close to noon[ie]…)
zorino: euphemism for skunk fur (golly I didn’t know we needed a euphemism for this)

z-baby: a nickname coined in the summer of 2006 for a first-rate lady whose name will be on the cover of my first cheekily-titled collection of pop essays about my life (“Pop Rocks with Zara Zuckerman”)

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