New York Endeavor (mine).

In honor of a friend of mine, who knows me better than I might care to admit, I’m going to challenge myself to write a poem every day while I’m home in New York. These poems will all be posted on this site. They will likely be short, or possibly they will be rambling, but surely they will be mine. The challenge is to see what I can make when I’m under the constraint to make something every day. No: the challenge is to put on display what I’ve made on the day that it was made. The terror of the challenge is posting a poem that you’ll all know was Made That Day, which means I won’t really get to eye it and dine with it and give it love nudges for weeks until it’s in shape. Hence, this experiment is a search for new shapes, as well as an ode to advice not taken until now. Along the lines of O’Hara, I’ll call this endeavor Brunch Poems, and either you’ll read it, or you won’t.

(photograph: “Woman Looking at Victory Garden Harvest Sitting on Lawn, Waiting to be Stored Away for Winter” by Walter Sanders)


One thought on “New York Endeavor (mine).

  1. This put such a big smile in my face. I did this same exact thing last Winter Break…I was encouraged to do so by Jack K, while we were having a beer on the dock…but I took my portable lap-top with me everywhere, so all my poems came out on that. It was pretty fun…

    I think you just encouraged me to do it again.

    Miss ya!

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