Brunch Poem Day 3 (mine).

Between two and three am we go
upside down: his feet flat

on the ground in a splay
of yogic yes as my mismatched

socks slide farther down my ankles,
heels for all to see. From between

my legs, I watch him rise
into a slow headstand, hands

at his ears, elbows two points
of a triangle. It looks like he’s swimming

and he looks straight ahead. The speed
at which he lowers down is like

the pace at which my grandfather,
eighty-six years old, eases himself

into the pool. Later, much later,
near nine am, I dream he gives me

unremarkable objects that hide
inside their seams three hundred gifts,

accompanied by a letter in his capitalized
scrawl. I awake without having read it,

though I trust it is inscribed in the air
between the headstand and the floor.

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