Brunch Poem Day 14 (mine).

At the bar I answer three questions correctly
The difference between self-awareness

& self-consciousness is that one involves a strong
understanding of self and the latter may

prevent you from acting and The color of the first
humans was sandy soil and one other before

we drive  to the train station and back since Eoin
has left without saying goodbye. Tall people can’t

see me and one Guinness is enough and as
we exit once then twice through the back I throw

the fur of my hood over my eyes  and snakedance
my arms through the crowd and Hey tall people!

Betcha can’t see me now! Five dollars wasted
on the jukebox  isn’t so much but we never even

heard the songs and Eoin actually could use
that bill, may I have it back for him, please?

Even now, listening to Nina and thinking of Katie
tolerating an updo I can’t quite undo the smile

I started when I asked Eoin if I could quote him
on that (in the wake of his inquiry regarding why

I’ve never photographed him and years after
I wrote my first good poem with his name in the title)

and he responded with his elfish sense of right and wrong
Oh, so you’re asking my permission now?

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