Brunch Poem Day 17 (mine).

New studies show that members of the upper class are less adept at reading emotions. Toxicity of character as a result of economics: now proven by science. Or: now implied by science (we all have our own mathematics)–

Empathy: sympathy: symphonies
of facial cues: queues for those
unadjusted and none for the rich
(the car is waiting): the blues
of those in highbacked chairs:
booze for everyone on the floor:
apple cores everywhere and not
a word about cyanide: bruised
feelings and hides: the smallest
version of meat on a platter
with the tiniest of buns: lump
sums, queenless hives: we have only
one set of knives & you may employ
each iteration: if  sugar is needed, you
must perceive if your neighbor is willing
to offer it: proffered books are a sign
of a healthy economy: a conversation
picks up at the first sign of anomaly: so
you want to be a poet: so where will you
put it: so how will you live: sew me
a sign with your vocation intact:
coded language is an invention
of those who need codes: my living
is small but still called an abode: please
come in: please come inside: please come
inside with your face  all in pieces:
there’s no need to sign  any leases or
pacts: please cry with your face if you
need or your neck: heck, lie on the bed:
your head on my shoulder,
your head with my head.

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