Poem (mine).

How it happened

I was free to choose me here or me in Colorado but
California wins I’m hurt while he makes his decision
then reverent when he comes along I write it all down
to remember the ways we might have done it otherwise.
We go to California stay in a mansion the people
are related to me but the carpet’s too thick gets stuck
in our toes we’re there for 3 weeks which is just
the point they start to tire of us our sleepings late
our books around and computers we smoke in the guest
room bathroom after they’ve gone to sleep, towel
the door like teenagers I’m waiting to like someone
I meet but I haven’t met anyone yet only
seen them at grocery stores not yet at my school
where I’m supposed to love people for three years
minimum then we finally find a house buy a spatula (two
by accident!) and a broom and at the beginning
life is slow and I organize the shoes a lot then
I become a shopping bag the type that’s the only one
you brought to the store even though you bought
a whole week’s worth of groceries and goodness
then I’m all purchased bagged and overfilled and the shoes
get sloppy but the days get good

One thought on “Poem (mine).

  1. i love this one. especially the ending. the shoes get sloppy but the days get good. wonderful.

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