The last of the LA poems (mine).

“New scenery, new noise”

said Rimbaud. I slept
through the traffic. I’m so
spoiled I get humble then
romantic. I’ve never held
a gun but I’ll sit beside you
or behind and ride and ride
Cougar on wheels

The bike changes
gears automatically—
I’m fast I’m slower I’m
skidding a little in the sand
I’m a sea snake on land
Last Wednesday

“It’s like your name is
‘Taylor Katz comma poet’
she said across a burrito
as the rain decided on us
“Hello I love you won’t you tell me your name”

I’ll be your amulet,
Lost Angeles

Goodbye hand sewn Barcelona
pouch with the three overlapping
stars. Goodbye mint chapstick
from the pack of three and the birthday
lipstick; goodbye pocket mirror with the red
bunnies from the party’s grab bag. Goodbye
eye drops, olive green pencil from the notebook
set. Adios scar like a broken trident
on the left side of your face, see you
later, see you soon

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