she gets it right by me (sonia sanchez).

Welcome Home, My Prince

welcome home, my prince
into my white season of no you
welcome home
iiiiiiiiiiiito my songs
that touch yo/head
iiiiiiiiiiiiand rain green laughter
iiiiiiiiiiiiin greeting
welcome home
to this monday
iiiiiiiiiiiithat has grown up
with the sound of yo/name,
for i have chanted to yesterday’s sun
to hurry back with
his belly full of morning
iiiiiiiiiiiiand you have come
and i cannot look up at you.
iiiiiiiiiiiimy body
trembles and i mumble things as you
stand tall and sacred
so easily in yo/self
iiiiiiiiiiiibut i am here
to love you
iiiiiiiiiiiito carry yo/name on my
ankles like bells
iiiiiiiiiiiito dance in
yo/arena of love.
you are tattooed on the round/soft/
parts of me.
iiiiiiiiiiiiand yo/smell is
always with me.

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