Some goodness, shared.

Things that made me glad today or recently, during these days in which I need some gladness:

1. NOONIE link. Nuni. Nuny—SNL, you win on this one.


2. David and Sandy Katz, summertime


3. Long poem that’s worth it and made me cry, in a good way.


4. Today I planted thousands of sunflowers. Literally thousands, and about half a dozen types. In a few months, there will be a 1.8 acres more of beauty in the world, and I will have been part of it.

One thought on “Some goodness, shared.

  1. ugh. richard siken always makes me cry in a good way. goddamn!
    also, the sunflower bit. so so so so good!
    please can i farm with you one day? (this summer?)

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