New mini chapbook (mine)!


I am in the middle of making a new lil chapbook. As always, formatting and photocopying are more traumatic than expected. But it WILL be ready by Saturday. About 5 people in the world are as excited about this as I am.



If you want one you should come to Agitprop on Saturday at 7pm. Or you can knock on my sideporch door any time after Sunday. Or, I can send one to you in a sort of delicious correspondence barter (you’d have to write me back). I’d do that. I have a lot of stamps.


($2 each, or traded for $2 worth of what you got. Photograph & cover design by my farmer, Misha J.)


One thought on “New mini chapbook (mine)!

  1. I want a book of yours!! I will send you something really fabulous… maybe something a little 6th-grade-y, or something a little Spongebob-y, or perhaps a pencil from Halloween (though I see that you never write in pencil)?

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