List poem (mine).


Things I didn’t know I needed


Altars, clean hair, a working watch, stones in my pocket. Flowers, sage, mailed correspondence, shock factor, long hair, heavy blankets, salt. Women, women, ten hours, red towers of time, the dream of a yellow house, strong locks, plain toast, less glances, my liver. The desert, Greek gods, Shabbat, more bracelets, illustrations, the diminishment of lists.  To file away under the heater, to delete, to wallow, to MC, to stay home all day in a chair. Stamp pads and stamps, embroidery, valerian. A beer, to edit, a plan, a mentor. A full inhale. Bare walls. Fresh garlic, long rains, sleet, ice-stuck doors, sweet chai, a mezuzah, marrow, to kill a bird with a blade. Night quiet, new pants, traditions, to stretch, more hats, to birth, two floors, a goat, a mint, sweetgrass. And scotch.


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