Oatmeal & soda (small house things).



Growing up I ate instant oatmeal, the Apples and Cinnamon flavor. Growing upper, I learned about stirring the oatmeal on the stove, and adding milk, and adding raisins, and cinnamon, and bananas, and coconut, and walnuts, then a dash of maple syrup. My dad eats oatmeal now, but he doesn’t like his sweet, and when I made my fancified oatmeal at home in New York, he was appalled at how many ingredients I added.


I believe the soda above is orange-flavored, and I do like that flavor, though I don’t usually want a soda.


I acquired these two items at a yard sale in my own sideyard; they were donated by my younger cousin, Jonah. She doesn’t play with them any more, but I do. I also wear her hand-me-ups. She’s fourteen. I’m twenty-six.


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