“The World’s Only Loofah Poem” (mine).


The World’s Only Loofah Poem (I mean it’s gotta be, right?!)


                  (This poem was written after remembering a conversation that took place on Vermont Street in San Diego, when Sam mentioned that she doesn’t use a loofah and Caity went ballistic with incredulousless and I laughed so hard but agreed with her bafflement completely–even Misha uses a loofah!–then on the phone I told  Katie this story and she said, “I don’t use a loofah either. Does everyone use a loofah!?”)


Call me crazy but

I was under the impression

that once loofahs were invented

everyone just started using one!

Loofahs are the greatest!

They spread soap with ease

and bubbles! I can’t imagine

using soap with economy

without one! How else

would I wash so well,

would I scrub this self?

A washcloth hurts

my skin and my hands

are just hands! I need

my drugstore loofah!

Don’t you? Don’t




5 thoughts on ““The World’s Only Loofah Poem” (mine).

  1. When I saw the title of your poem I thought you were going to talk about growing loofahs. I like your poem, but was dismayed to see the picture of plastic wash thingies. Those are not loofahs! Build yourself a trellis, grow some real loofahs. You’ll be delighted, I feel sure. And keep the writing coming.

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