Just a book (wish).

I just wanna be published, you know? Have a book with my name on it? Hardcover preferably, light purple in cover, somewhat slim, priced to move, about me on the back flap, a list of titles at the front, one poem per page? Just a book I wrote, that someone liked, and wanted to make, and printed copies of, and told their friends about. Even if no one bought it except people who know me, it’d be a book that exists, a quarter inch on the shelf at two small libraries, a book that I wrote by myself, that some people would read, some people would hold. I would just love a book.



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One thought on “Just a book (wish).

  1. Make the wish into a reality……..write the book and then find a way to get it published. You can do it.

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    Jonathan F. Katz, Ph.D. Managing Partner High Performance Associates 914-912-1393 jkatz@hpa3.com http://www.hpa3.com

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