So many farmers! So little time!

We’re headed to Burlington this weekend for the NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association for Vermont) conference. We are going to learn about growing shiitakes! About growing for our root cellar! About growing fruit! About DOWSING! I’ve only ever been to a writerly conference before, never one for farmers. But now I’m about to be a farmer! Misha and I are about to be farmers! Halleluyah!!!




(halleluyah squirrel via the animal blog. isn’t he just beatific?!)


One thought on “So many farmers! So little time!

  1. Let me see………….”Orchestra, on my count”…… “That acorn was this big”…….. “Okay officer, I’ve got my hands up”……….”C’mon, rub my belly one more time”…….”I’m tellin’ ya, I never saw her before in my life”……..”Go ahead, drop it. I’ll catch it”…….

    I love this shot and it’s well done………….Thanks

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