Fur coat in February (includes photographs).

I was given a fur coat for my birthday this year (by my mother-out-law, who gives amazing presents–raw silk scarves & notebooks & dark chocolates & the most pristine and gorgeous hand-me-downs). I’m not here to give my opinion on fur, mostly because I’m not sure of my opinion on fur. But this is what I do know. This coat is a beauty. This coat is so warm that when I walk outside in it, I feel like I’m still inside. It covers my entire body and it is both warm and beautiful and utterly deluxe. Here’s a picture of me the day I was given it, which was a very very snowy Saturday, a day I was not expecting to leave the house but then I did and wonderful things happened.


Today I wore the coat outside to let out the chickies. The chickies had no sense of my my unnecessary glamour, but they were pretty pumped to hop up and out of the coop. Tomorrow, I’ll wear it to a black tie Academy Awards party downtown, which I am attending mostly so that I can wear my new fur coat. Also for the company. Also for general deluxeness, which is scarce in February in Vermont.


And soon friends will arrive in Vermont & it will be my birthday & I will wear the fur coat again. And then spring will come & the snow will melt revealing the hidden garlic & I will be twenty-seven & eager to plant things & eat them. And the fur coat will hang graciously on its soft pink hanger, waiting until I need it again.




Photos by Misha, who else.

5 thoughts on “Fur coat in February (includes photographs).

  1. the second image made it for me. it represents what you wrote. The composition is unique; you broke the – so called – rule to be straightened up. But i prefer more the way it is . The first one , no need to present if you include this powerful second one.

  2. I love it! It is an amazing gorgeous coat, and you are beautiful as well. I know first hand the benefits of a raccoon coat as I own three. You are so right on how warm it feels and protects in the true cold. I too love the second photo as it seems filled with whimsy and innocence. Enjoy your coat as you have planned, and bless “Mom” for the thoughtful wonderful gift.

  3. I happened upon your lovely blog quite accidentally via a search for… (never mind, I will refrain from a usual digression, lol)… I never really had an opinion on fur as far as “politic”s go. Nor have I ever had the pleasure (I assume) of wearing one out in the cold. I had to chime in and tell you first that I think your mother-out-law sounds like my type of m-o-l. [ Now I must investigate as to how she ascertained such a darling nickname. :O) ] And, I couldn’t refrain from digressing. Secondly, your coat is amazingly beautiful and lush. It’s shape and lines are just so perfectly proportionate and lady-like. You look great in it! The red barn and snow make for a sweet setting and I can feel the toasty-ness through the magic of the interwebs. Enjoy your gorgeous hand-me-down. It looks fit for a princess!
    ~Cheers from Long Island~

  4. Superbe manteau, très élégant et chaud. Bravo Mademoiselle !
    C’est super à votre âge de porter de la vraie fourrure. Il faut le mettre au quotidien. Merci de mettre davantage de photos sur le blog

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