The past month or so in photographs.


This is one of the farms that will not be our home.


This was at the farmers’ market in Montpelier, when Ellie was visiting, and we met up with Kenzie, who is also a Suzie’s Farm Person, and she had those long fabulous dreadlocks.

ellie scott misha in a crown

This was when Ellie and Scott and Josh were staying over. I made Misha wear my happy wreath because he was happy, too. And we drank that whole bottle of bourbon. And life was sweet and Scott jumped in the pond and Josh ended up getting a free Suzie’s Farm hat.


This is my favorite photo of my friend Andrew, because the sun is all up in his face.

IMG_0122Those ladies? Oh those are my ladies.


These are some bodacious poppies and some pretty Unidentified Other Flowers that grow beneath the grapes in front of our house.


This is another farm which we won’t live on. But boy, was it pretty.


This is my pen pal, Shannon. She’s even better in person than written. Plus, she’s married! Also, a poet!


This was the fourth of July. Misha didn’t even mean to wear red white and blue and we had sausages for dinner.


This is Misha with flowering mullein on Cape Cod. He really loves that plant. And in this photograph, he even matches it!


This is my family in the early 90s. I don’t think I’ll ever be as baller as I was that day on Cape Cod, with that stance and that minnow net and that belly-bearing bathing suit. Also: how cute is my sister. Also also: notice how all our bathing suits match!



This was leaving the Cape just today, admiring the font of the Sagamore Bridge, admiring structure.

Good thoughts shining (hand-lettered image; poem).


(one of lisa congdon’s hand-letterings)

I love Roald Dahl and people’s faces.

I cultivate good thoughts and hardy

winter greens. I’m in Cape Cod, until

I’m not, then I’m in Vermont with fall

arriving fast and cadmium. Ellie loves

cadmium so I learned it, too. Now I love

red like I used to, now I still love purples,

now I wait for days to change here like

they don’t out west; I try my best to callous

fast for winter,  it keeps me layered thick

in lengths of daylight lessening. I’ll shine

my face with a piece of cloth until it glows

like apples on a branch so thick with fruit

it arcs a loop to ground, it touches earth.