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on the subject of grading and packing and goodbying to everyone and gathering presents and cleaning the house and reviewing the whole year:


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also, another truth, brought to you by britt appleton:

and I’m going to see my family so soon!!!!!!



One of the things I miss about the east (Thanksgiving photo).

Poppa Dids aka P-Ditty Poppa aka JK aka my Daddio

(thanks to Sarah Schoenberg Katz, my sissy number 1, also known as SWISS MISS, for this photo)

Poem for someone I have never met (mine).

Poem for Geoff


You have only just begun to love her

and therefore there is no way for you to know

how much I love her. I love her so ardently

that already I must and do love you. And not

because of anecdotes  or the photo of your parted

hair, but because you loving her is a way to keep

my loving relevant, keep it safely and unwilted

in the air nearby her, air I can’t inhabit after moving

far away. I thank you and I thank you for keeping her

not in a jar but within a cloud of particles that love

her particles, within the air I see  you breathing out,

visible as steam and towards her, no matter

what the weather calls itself that day.


Damn it feels good to have a sideyard.


The sideyard was better than ever before

The sideyard, according  to a new neighbor-friend named Neil “felt like the 60s again.”

The sideyard had around 70 people attend which is record-breaking for the sideyard

The sideyard had a tiki torch

The sideyard had such good loud music that the police came

The sideyard thanks “Tendrils,” the new house band, who will perform acoustically from here on out so that we don’t get evicted

According to a girl I met, the sideyard was “the most fun event I’ve ever been to.” EVER!

Neighbor and friend Jed said about the sideyard, “Don’t ever let me miss this again.”

The sideyard offered free wine and decaffeinated coffee

The morning after the sideyard I had both a real hangover as well as a happiness hangover


Thank you to everyone who came to the sideyard

Thank you to everyone who let themselves enjoy something so analog

Thank you to everyone for coming out to hear poetry; we poets need you, we poets are you, we are all poets


(photos by misha marston johnson)