Autumn jubilation; three cheers for autumn (photos, words).

Some things:


1. Sissy visit. Beautiful leaves. Beautiful little wreaths. Jokes & foods. New plan hatched where sissy moves to Montpelier. Scheming, scheming.




2. We’re handing out little poems of mine (free verses from Free Verse Farm!) at the market now. It’s the best.




3. Wendy Guerra, Cuban poet and fantastic human, read and chatted at Revolution this week. Just what I needed. Wendy says:


“The wounds, before healing, should be named.”


4. We’re moving! We’re moving into the woods! Into the woods with friends!




5. And now: coffee with a lot of hot milk! Apples to be picked and pears to be dried! Two new sweaters made for boys but befitting this small woman! Here we go Sunday here we go (clap clap).


(photo credits to Sarah S. Katz)


Sarah Katz has chutzpah (poem).





Chutzpah (pronounced huuts-pah) is a Yiddish word used by Jews and non-Jews alike to describe someone who is particularly audacious or has a major guts, or, more crudely put, someone with balls.


Let me not forget…(images).


on the subject of grading and packing and goodbying to everyone and gathering presents and cleaning the house and reviewing the whole year:


(via this isn’t happiness)

also, another truth, brought to you by britt appleton:

and I’m going to see my family so soon!!!!!!



Poem for my sister (mine).

Texas you’re the size

of Texas. Too big to

compare to. Still

Sarah Katz is gonna

land in you and change

the landscape of your

hardcracked land. She’s

not just some blondie

outta college with

a hip little hip dance.

She’s Sarah Katz, miner

of chocolate chips from

the mint ice cream.

Inventor of the words

I love the most. Words

I use the most to love

with. So get goin’, little

noon, sissy deet deet,

dimpy dimps, get your

two size 7 feet on over

there. Texas is perched

on its parched cowboy

haunches for the entry

of your fine-tuned self.