Saturday song (The Head and the Heart).

Katie put this song on a mix for me. It’s track 14 and I skip to it as I drive up the winding hill toward home. And I sing along to it very loudly, especially the lyric that Katie must have known I’d need, the crescendo of “Been talking ’bout the way things change/my family lives in a different state.”

And then today talking to Andrew of Shake the Baron who is my friend and is moving to live in a cabin by a lake and teach guitar and record music for people and make songs through the winter. He listens to songs for melody, I listen for lyrics. Hopefully someday we’ll write a song together.

This video is is in a lonely place, a high underpass somewhere where the acoustics make them loud and resonant. I wonder how much of songs is still in the stones there. Either way I’ll sing along.

Poem for someone I have never met (mine).

Poem for Geoff


You have only just begun to love her

and therefore there is no way for you to know

how much I love her. I love her so ardently

that already I must and do love you. And not

because of anecdotes  or the photo of your parted

hair, but because you loving her is a way to keep

my loving relevant, keep it safely and unwilted

in the air nearby her, air I can’t inhabit after moving

far away. I thank you and I thank you for keeping her

not in a jar but within a cloud of particles that love

her particles, within the air I see  you breathing out,

visible as steam and towards her, no matter

what the weather calls itself that day.