Hip-hop bar mitzvah, halleluyah (video)!

All I ever wanted was a hip-hop bat mitzvah!!

I mean Drake got one, and Lil Weezy was there in a panda mask, so can I have one, too?


Pisces come from under water (photo series).


A month ago, there was a birthday party. The theme was “under the sea” and I was a jellyfish and Ellie made me a crown.



There are streamers curled and dangling from my tutu but you can’t really see them. Misha’s hair was huge and awesome and we danced to the band for hours. Everyone sang happy birthday to me, Lauren, and Sara, my other Pisces of the party, and we all birthday-hugged each other while they sang.



And then the singing was over and we all went back to drinking. And dancing.



What a night!


(Thanks to Colleen Dawson for taking these photos. They’re wonderful!)



My Saturday (song) & next Saturday (I’m reading!).


Listening to Fleet Foxes, working hard all day on readings & poems & projects so that when Sam & Caity arrive on Tuesday I will do nothing but be with them.



Oh and San Diegans–I’m reading next Saturday night at a gallery called Agitprop, at 7pm. It’s not happening in my yard and it’s not related to SDSU–it’s like, a real reading! Please come if you live here. I’ll be selling mini chapbooks (one of the aforementioned projects getting finished today in preparation for my visitors).


(And so much thanks to Lorraine for inviting me to read. Makes me feel like a real poet.)