February collage (illustration; photography; Frank Ocean).

Some people feel negatively about February, including, possibly, Maira Kalman. Or maybe she just picks up on everybody’s February blues. It’s hard to love February in the city, this I understand.

Maira Kallman's Feburary



This February, I’m all about Patti Smith (again). Maybe I’ll make February my Patti Smith month. Why not?


patti smith 7



But guys….remember those other times, those other seasons? Remember flowers?




Remember how it’s going to be Valentine’s day soon? Let’s not bring up our consumer culture rants again, we do that every year & even the truth gets stale. This year, lets just do some good lovin’. Let’s share what we got, or give ourselves a little bit more. I mean, Phoebe Wahl is doing it! And why not.







If you’re still not feeling good about February yet, then, here! Have this gift! It’s a free Frank Ocean mixtape! Also did you know he has a tumblr?! Fuck yeah, America! You know?




Alright February!! Allllllllright!

Farm & fairy art (Phoebe Wahl).

There’s been a *lot* of farmplanning going on in this household, lemme tell you. So many facets are being organized that yesterday I had to call Misha into the bathroom while I was showering so he could write down some ideas I’d thought of while shampooing my hair. The artworks below, by an art student at RISDE whose blog I stumbled upon while tumblr-ing, are the sorts of pieces that relay what I love about a farmy life: patterns, brightgreen and brightpink vegetables, fresh flowers in jars, herbs hanging from string, sitting in the dirt in a dress, handkerchiefs for sweat and color, fairies. Once this farm gets going ,it’s going to be a beauty. It’s going to be a beautiful, colorful, scentful, and shareful thing.














Check out more of Phoebe’s work here.

Poet for hire.


Call Sean. His resume boasts a solo exhibition at the Sideyard Poets and Writers Event and numerous book arts victories. He is also a founding member of the Poets Trampoline Club.

Especially if you’re famous, you should definitely call him. There is nothing our celebrities need more these days than a poet.

“I want to shake out a fat broom” (poem by Alice Walker) (hand-lettered).


It’s funny to me that I don’t even know Lisa Congdon and yet I post things she’s made, like the above Alice Walker. I guess that’s what blogs do, let us be in touch with people we wouldn’t otherwise. I like it when people tell me that they read my blog–it’s always a confession. If you’re reading this, thanks for reading this. When you tell me that you read this, I get pretty joyful.


Poem with a strawberry in it (mine).


A child was made to stand alone

on the outskirts of the market

stall, his father scolding  him

into stillness. I asked him

if he’d like a strawberry;

I brought him the biggest one

I could find. “Oh thank you,”

he said. “Strawberries are my

favorite food.” “What other foods

are your favorites?” I asked

jauntily; I love to talk favorites

with children. He shook his head.

“No other foods, “ he said.

“Strawberries are my only

favorite.” I nodded. He stood

reddening his face with strawberry

with me crouched to his level.

Soon his mother took his hand

to exit. “Thank you so much

for the strawberry,” he said.

I too have only one favorite.

(illustration via “color my life with the chaos of trouble“)

I sideyard, you sideyard, we all go to the SIDEYARD


featuring the debut of the house band!

featuring flowers by ellie!

featuring “friends of the sideyard,” a group of loosely or not-at-all affiliated people who always come over to the sideyard!

featuring beer and wine if you bring it!

featuring foods also if you bring them!

featuring handmade arts for sale!

featuring poems spoken out loud!

be there or be square or be one of those people I love who lives very far away and can’t be there!