Favorites list: a somewhat epic & hopefully never-ending poem (mine).

FAVORITES LIST (an ever-accumulating poemlist)

Favorite color: periwinkle


Favorite book: “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck


Favorite thing I’ve ever written:

Things I Want To Do When I’m 13 

1. Get a boyfriend

2. Have a bat mitzvah”

(written at age ten) (one out of two ain’t bad)


Favorite overheard pick-up line: “Your eyes are the color of my Porsche.”


Favorite human: Misha


Favorite strip club name: Nudie Cuties


Favorite finger: pinky


Favorite cocktail: “The Hillcrest Gizz”


Favorite way someone has misheard my first name over the phone: Kayra


Favorite soda: ROOT BEER!


Favorite animal: baby animals


Favorite thing about being an adult: throwing legal house parties


Favorite part about 4th grade: being the tallest girl in my grade


Favorite Celine Dionne song: “Because You Loved Me”


Favorite term of endearment that I’ve been called: “my little delicatessen”


Favorite part about going to the dentist: free tiny toothpaste!


Favorite wax: beeswax


Favorite way to eat kale: with my friends!


Favorite metal: copper


Favorite organ: brain


Favorite flower: dahlia. no sweetpea. or paperwhites!


Favorite rapper: Cam’ron


Favorite punctuation mark: colon


Favorite geometric shape: cone


Favorite fake invention name: The Nipple Fondler 2000


Favorite club I’ve created this year: The Poets’ Trampoline Club


Favorite pun using way/whey: “Move bitch, get out the whey”


Favorite outdoor activity: singing


Favorite sister: Sarah Schoenberg Katz


Favorite college: Connecticut College


Favorite dog: N/A


Favorite name of a past dentist: B.J. Mistry (say it out loud) (this is not a joke)


Favorite food on the seder plate: charoset!


Favorite modern acronym: YOLO


Favorite mustard: honey


Favorite way to wear a headband: the west coast way


Favorite thing to do when lots of people are over at my house: make each of them wear one of my hats


Favorite item available at a haberdashery: cufflinks


Favorite point at which to eat a banana: when it has a smattering of freckles


Favorite laugh: Scott Ballum’s


Favorite food that I never used to eat because I loved pigs and was a vegetarian but now eat all the time because pigs taste good and I am a flexitarian farmer: BACON


Favorite Woody Allen movie: “Midnight in Paris”


Favorite heat source: body heat


Favorite adjective: “deluxe”


Favorite name of a stop on the Croton-Harmon train line: Spuyten Duyvil


Favorite gay Pisces New York School poet: Frank O’Hara


Favorite gay Scorpio New York School poet: James Schuyler


Favorite bagel: everything with scallion cream cheese, please


Favorite basil variety name: Spicy Bush


Favorite city: NYC


Favorite name of a motel off I-95: The Honeyspot


Favorite remedy for when my hair gets greasy: stay home


Favorite yoga position: bird of paradise


Favorite food that Misha is making right now as I write this: hummus


Favorite way to end a poem: with an image that will sear into your mind forever


Favorite part about NPR: when they play short music clips in between shows


Favorite thing that’s about to happen: baby chicks and ducklings are going to arrive at my doorstep



The end. For now. The favorites are always accumulating.