Useless but Excellent Information

but how to collect a human?

Collective nouns.

(Yes, these are real. My favorites are bolded.)

  • A shrewdness of apes.
  • A flange of baboons.
  • A cete of badgers.
  • A parcel of birds. A pod of birds (small flock). A volary of birds (in an aviary).
  • A dissimulation of birds.
  • An obstinancy of buffalo.
  • A rabble of butterflies.
  • A clowder of cats. A clutter. A comfort. A chowder.
  • A coalition of cheetahs.
  • A quiver of cobras.
  • A muster of crows. A hover. A parcel. A murder. A horde. A parliament.
  • A pitying of turtle doves.
  • A seething of eels.
  • A charm of finches.
  • A stand of flamingoes. A flamboyance of flamingoes.
  • A skulk of foxes.
  • A kindergarten of giraffes. A journey. A kaleidoscope.
  • A troubling of goldfish.
  • A remuda of horses.
  • A cackle of hyenas.
  • A husk of jackrabbits.
  • A brood, smuck, or smack of jellyfish.
  • A troop of kangaroos.
  • A kendle of kittens.
  • A loveliness of ladybirds.
  • A leap of leopards.
  • A steam of minnows.
  • A business of mongooses.
  • A pandemonium of parrots.
  • A covey of partridges.

One thought on “Useless but Excellent Information

  1. Hear these ones for babies?

    elephant seal: weaner
    beaver: kit
    tiger: whelp
    shark: cub

    and you left off an exaltation of larks, which is one of my favorites.

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