it was a birthday

People of my life, your presents are poetry. Thank you for

  • a watermelon
  • a note where you said something holy in the middle of other beautiful things about our friendship
  • a note where you wrote like you were in the middle of the oregon trail
  • a blog post in my honor
  • a volume of collected camus
  • that bottle of champagne, and that one too!
  • a bag of coffee beans
  • a something that looked like a cigarette but didn’t have tobacco in it
  • a kerchief you embroidered with words i should carry around
  • my dream sunglasses in a handmade case
  • a chocolate cake brought to me while i was tutoring
  • whimsical matchbooks
  • a book on edible plants (with pictures!)
  • musics & musics & musics on compact disc
  • “the enourmous room” by ee cummings
  • a feather hairclip
  • a funfetti cake with funfetti icing and lettered candles
  • a birthday card made with magic markers
  • four fancy chocolates
  • a bouquet of red & yellow flowers
  • two scientific pictures of succulents on nice paper
  • a gold bicycle bell and a mended tire
  • a green leather journal
  • photographs of places we’ve walked together
  • three cadbury creme eggs
  • a collaborative card with a drawing of two different types of birds (one that eats my cake and one that reminds me i am old)
  • three dozen kumquats in a taco bell bag
  • purple jewelry
  • a poem you wrote for me while driving & a picture of many species of cats that a friend gave you when she left you
  • a record by the band
  • two notebooks the shape of the poems i write
  • herbs de provence in bulk
  • paisley stationery with many purples
  • a birthday song &

your presences your presences your presences…!

i am rich with them, in them.

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