Happy poem in your pocket day (April 14)!

Today I celebrated a holiday that no one ever seems to believe is actually real. The night before this day each year, I stay up as late as I need to writing poems on stationery emblazoned with my name in purple script (thank you, Jeannie Scheinin). Check out these pocket-sized poem PDFs, if you want one of your own.

If I saw you today, I gave you a poem. Here’s the poem I gave to Misha today.

Letter Poem #3

The night is quiet
as a kettle drum
the bullfrog basses
tuning up. After
swimming, after sup-
per, a Tarzan movie,
dishes, a smoke. One
planet and I
wish. No need
of words. Just
you, or rather,
us. The stars tonight
in pale dark space
are clover flowers
in a lawn the expanding
universe in which
we love it is
our home. So many
galaxies and you my
bright particular,
my star, my sun, my
other self, my bet-
ter half, my one

-James Schuyler

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