Farm & fairy art (Phoebe Wahl).

There’s been a *lot* of farmplanning going on in this household, lemme tell you. So many facets are being organized that yesterday I had to call Misha into the bathroom while I was showering so he could write down some ideas I’d thought of while shampooing my hair. The artworks below, by an art student at RISDE whose blog I stumbled upon while tumblr-ing, are the sorts of pieces that relay what I love about a farmy life: patterns, brightgreen and brightpink vegetables, fresh flowers in jars, herbs hanging from string, sitting in the dirt in a dress, handkerchiefs for sweat and color, fairies. Once this farm gets going ,it’s going to be a beauty. It’s going to be a beautiful, colorful, scentful, and shareful thing.














Check out more of Phoebe’s work here.

One thought on “Farm & fairy art (Phoebe Wahl).

  1. Oh yeah, those are great images. I particularly like the “Grow Your Food” one. Many years ago I worked on a small farm. It was a sort of work program for developmentally disabled adults. We grew flowers. Standing in the open doors of the barn, with bunches of flowers drying from the rafters above, I would look out over the blooming fields and see Mt. Rainier far off in the distance. That too was an inspiring image. Happy planning.

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