These days’ treasures (photographs).

For those of you who know me, you know I’m all about treasures.

Treasures can be

tiny shells, tiny dice, tiny bowls, tiny anythings; gemstones, sea stones, strawberry rocks, shards of ceramic plates, glass beads, photos (especially tiny photos), small frames, a small loop of purple thread, ojos de dios, dried hot peppers, small envelopes, colored thread, tiny bottles, jars, & vials; smooth sticks, pieces of bone, anything small a friend finds and gives me, necklaces made of beads or braided string, seeds, seedpods, beans, a padron pepper, pendulums, foreign coins, photo cards, pretty drips of beeswax…

Here are some of my current treasure scenes.









So tell me: what areĀ your treasures?

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