Poem of this weekend (poem of many things) (mine).

This Weekend


One red felt hat three pairs of boots three

pairs of fancy low-but-clicking pairs

of shoes two bikinis one Boy Scout

backpack one pair of light light blue

Levi’s mom jeans one white lacey

t-shirt three slips one long salmon

-colored nightgown one silk periwinkle

top seven pairs of stockings one pair

of socks with flowers on them one pair

of sparkly pink socks one tiny purple

apothecary jar three bandanas one jean

skirt that Jessie from Saved by the Bell

would have worn one black dress given

to a pregnant friend two quarts of pickled

radishes one red dahl maybe two dozen

elderflower heads one busting bag full

of dried wild mint three sunflowers now

blooming four iris stems in a lilac-colored

jar one thousand pieces of Israeli

cous cous one iced coffee in a big red

cup one hay fork two axes one double

-size cast iron griddle three checks

made out to Free Verse Farm twenty

pounds of strawberries two containers

of curried chickpeas one batch of basil

hummus one can of IPA six tins of tea

two tinctures six jars of no-cook

strawberry jam one goal scored

by Germany one three egg omelette

with scapes & onions one black fly bite

one phone call with sis one phone call

with Katie one phone call with dad

one shower two dirty feet four clean

pillowcases and one lightswitch switched—


Poem with flowers in it (mine).

Insanity (the good kind)

lalalalalalalalalalala  for Ellie!

The trillium are blooming everywhere & I’m going insane

with happiness. Illegal to harvest & illegal not to love,

the trillium bloom in the forest and where the forest

meets the road. Magenta blooms made of three red petals

with three green understudies. Jack-in-the-pulpit’s likely

nearby, and a stream where the bugs who slide across water

are stretching their legs after winter. The breeze smells like ferns

unfurling their eyes to the sun and the hatless and shoeless

woman I am has her pupils hotglued to the ground.

These days’ treasures (photographs).

For those of you who know me, you know I’m all about treasures.

Treasures can be

tiny shells, tiny dice, tiny bowls, tiny anythings; gemstones, sea stones, strawberry rocks, shards of ceramic plates, glass beads, photos (especially tiny photos), small frames, a small loop of purple thread, ojos de dios, dried hot peppers, small envelopes, colored thread, tiny bottles, jars, & vials; smooth sticks, pieces of bone, anything small a friend finds and gives me, necklaces made of beads or braided string, seeds, seedpods, beans, a padron pepper, pendulums, foreign coins, photo cards, pretty drips of beeswax…

Here are some of my current treasure scenes.









So tell me: what are your treasures?





I am a treasure hunter hunting

raspberries, red gems hiding

underneath crisp green leaves




When I’m picking raspberries, I sing “Yes I’m a treasure hunter, call me the treasure planter” to the tune of this song and it makes me feel AWESOME.




Yesterday’s poem of the morning (mine).


I’m wearing all my rings this morning

Norah Jones is singing about flowers growing


in the frozen snow, how it’s all a show

She’s saying everything she wants to in a song


It will take me my life to say everything I want to

especially on the topic of hands and feet and happy


I shined up all my rings this morning

The broken turquoise one, the thin swoop of gold


from Sam that I wore for weeks after her surgery

I shined my only sapphire and my TAYLOR ring


given to me by whom I can’t remember

What’s the point if I can’t remember who gave it to me there still


must be a point

I have fat thumbs and new sandals


from Moya who said, Oh just take them

they’re your going away present you’re going


away now you’ll remember me



Treasure chest Friday (small treasures, small containers).



Brown bottles found at an antique shop in OB: blue  bottle found by my treasured man at our local thrift shop. In the future, I imagine the brown bottles holding small amounts of homemade absinthe. Slurp slurp.



Tiny jam jar of wildflower seeds; small clamp jar of rose petals purchased at GALA FOODS; jar of Tiger Eye beans salvaged from Ellie’s car; tall skinny vial of stone beads from broken bracelets plus one marble.



Found bottles & bottles given to me as presents. Most exciting is the smallest one, which I found in the field at Suzie’s while planting on a Thursday. I had to nurse the dirt out of it.