Things that are small & grown in Imperial Beach (the series continues).

Sometimes a day involves burying dead chickens and stripping lemon verbena for tea. Sometimes that day also brings the tiniest of tiny carrots into your life. For me, that day was Wednesday. I was harvesting carrots for lunch with Misha and pulled out a handful, including the tiniest of tinies!



Here’s a shot of the smallest four, which I brought home (the others were eaten in a salad).



Then, on Thursday, I planted melons and lettuce and stacked onions for drying. And found a small onion for this project.



Then, while looking through photos, I found this one that Misha took last summer, where my face is big and shiny and strange looking. But look what I’m holding!



Onions & tomatoes come from Suzie’s Farm; the carrots are from Wild Willow.


Stay tuned for more tiny tinies!!



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