Honey & elderberries (small things photo).


Here is a tiny jar of elderberries. Misha’s really into the elder tree right now (for proof click here), and I’m really into small things right now, so I took some elder berries he’d dried and put them in a tiny jar with a rubber lid that I bought at the herb store. And next to it is the honey that I get at the farmer’s market every week, which Sam loves and Kathryn also loves, in fact Kathryn made a honey pie out of that honey. Sam just eats it out of the jar with a spoon. I wish I had a tiny spoon as a part of my miniature collection. Soon, little spoon.



I like how the honey looks like it’s the proud older brother of the elder jar. Like it’s puffing out its chest a little.


One thought on “Honey & elderberries (small things photo).

  1. but cant let go of the fact that it is not the center of attention…because let’s face it…it the elderberry jar is absolutely the center of attention no matter how much that jar of honey puffs out its chest 🙂 love little things!

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