Image hungry (photo; painting; list).


First harvest.




Many of the houses on our hill and on surrounding hills are huge estates. Acres and acres of lawn. One lone, beautiful building. Like something Hopper would paint, or has.




(Edward Hopper, “House by the Railroad,” 1925.)


In the belly


baguette in spicy olive oil

eggplant parmesan (homemade!)

gazpacho (homemade!)

English muffins (homemade!)

wild grape jam (made by Misha’s dad!)

fresh burrata

dark chocolate




On the table


pint of raspberries



apple chips

summer’s last cantaloupe

a tiny tower of sheep cheese

small, wussy avocadoes (we’re not in California anymore…)

black turtle beans



In the yard





cherry tomatoes

rose hips

three types of grapes

black apricot trees

various plum trees

apple trees


lime thyme (!)



Jerusalem artichoke (l’chaim)



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