Sideyard success. Serious joy.

The sideyard was so much fun. I was this happy:

Except I was wearing a blue crown with curled ribbons longer than my hair, a patterned poncho, and wings made out of leaves (made by Jen), and not a clown costume. As Frankie puts it,

best thing about the sideyard poetry readings:

the folks walking past on the other side of the hedge

on their way to friday-night-party

catching clips of outloud poetry

and the quick image of

a writer in the light

as they pass

What was also wonderful was how many people there were (estimates are in the high 90s), and the flower bouquets with artichokes in them (made by Ellie of course):

and how everyone got so drunk that no one bought books like these:

and perhaps the greatest miracle of the whole event is that not a single neighbor yelled at us. And people bought Misha’s photographs! And I didn’t even have a hangover the next morning! And the next morning was Saturday, and Ellie and I split a mushroom and bacon fritatta covered with blue cheese with whole wheat toast and raspberry jam. The end.

James Baldwin wrote it; Heather Garner sewed it (image).

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”

-James Baldwin, from “Giovanni’s Room”


Thank you, Heather, for the beautiful present.


(You can buy Heather’s handcrafts on her etsy site. She might even take embroidery requests!)


And here’s a painting of Baldwin, by Beauford Delaney, that I especially love.



Have you read “Giovanni’s Room” yet? Please do.



Life; lemons; sexy sailors (image).


When life gives you lemons…

you make blood orange lemonade and mix it with vodka.


When life gives you sailor-themed thigh highs with little silver anchors hanging from the top, you…

purchase a ship?

get your freak on?

prepare your sexy sailor halloween costume very, very early?



What I receive at the farmers’ market is not only vegetables.



Happy Passover (I’ve been cooking) (image).



plus I made smashed potatoes with fresh chives and rosemary. the matzoh balls are made with spelt matzoh and coconut oil and the charoset has organic diced sour cherries in it. in honor of tradition, i’ve cleaned the house of (some) crumbs. and i’ll be very, very hungry by the time we eat (it’s not passover unless you’re starved by the process!). happy first night of passover/and happy easter on sunday/& happy springtime coming in/& a very happy full moon to us & plants. amen.